This is a beginner course with an antenna design focus. Learn the user interface of FEKO while constructing and solving basic antenna examples.

This course is more specialised in that its focus is on the different solvers in FEKO and how to select a solver depending on the application.

Each solver in FEKO will be presented in this course. Regular quizzes are given to ensure trainees followed and understood what was presented.

Near the end of the course, two advanced interactive examples will be given. Trainees will be required to complete these examples on their own computers. Questions will be asked that will test if users successfully completed the examples.

This course gives an introduction to electromagnetic simulation with FEKO. 

An introduction to the basic solver technology, the Method of Moments will be given.

Then users will be made familiar with the user interface and how to create, solve and post-process basic models with FEKO.

At the end of this course users will be familiar with the user interface and workflow of FEKO. Users will also have a basic understanding of meshing and its implications on the solver and accuracy of the results.